Iris Subscription and Renewal Form

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The cost of Iris includes an annual subscription fee and, in most cases, telecommunications access fees. The twelve-month subscription to Iris is $ 198.00. A discounted price of $ 178.00 is offered when five or more accounts are included in the same order. Telecommunications access fees vary depending upon the user's route to Iris.

- Via a local phone call to MCI/Tymnet -- Tumnet is a long distance data network available via a local phone call in nearly 400 cities in the U.S.A. Call 1 800 336-0437 to determine if you are located within the calling area of a local Tymnet node. Tymnet access to Iris cost $5.00 /hour around the clock (higher for cities in Alaska, Hawaii and other countries). You estimate the number of hours you expect to use Iris for the year (initial ten-hour minimum), multiply by $5.00, and add this amount to your annual subscription fee. This pre-payment is placed into a reserve account and decreases as you use Iris. You receive no monthly bills and you can never spend more than you have prepaid. You can order more Tymnet hours anytime during the life of your subscription.

- Via an Iris 800 number -- Access to Iris via an 800 number costs $14.00 /hour around the clock. As with Tymnet access, the 800 number charges must be pre-paid.

- Via other methods for special situation -- If you are located in the Washington, D.C. local calling area (where the Iris Network Host Computer is located), Iris can be accessed via a local phone call. There are no access fees to pay. You can also access Iris via long distance phone service such as InfiNet, Sprint, MCI, or AT&T. If you use your own long distance service, your access charges show up on your monthly phone bill. (Call for more information if you will be accessing Iris from outside the USA).

- Via TELNET -- If you have access to another telecomputing host network that offers TELNET, Iris can be accessed without any connect charges 24 hours per day.

Select one of the following subscription rates:

Price Quantity Total Price

Regular annual subscription   $198.00 _________   __________
Discounted subscription       $178.00 _________   __________

Select one of the following access plans:

Prepaid Tymnet access $ 5.00 _________ __________ Prepaid 800 access hours $12.00 _________ __________

Grand Total For This Order: $_________

Select one of the following payment options: ___ Full payment enclosed. (check Only) ___ Invoice my organization. (Purchase Order must be attached with this form.)

Mailing Address (for person who will use Iris and should receive the access login ID and Password.)

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