The Iris Network Mission Statement

In order to realize the Iris Vision, the following Mission has been established:

Assist schools in the use of computer-linked communication and other new information technologies that can facilitate and extend classroom learning.

Use distance as a resource in activities that encourage the construction of new knowledge which can be applied in ways that let each participant know that they, their ideas, and their activities make a difference in society.

Develop outreach projects to make electronic networking available to all schools and teachers, including those in urban centers and rural locations so they can benefit from idea and resource sharing.

Provide an environment in which educators can explore different approaches to the application of technology and learning.

Identify and support global education projects that encourage computer-network interactive learning.

Provide an environment in which educators can take ownership of their own professional development, improve classroom programs as well as participate in school-wide change projects.

Develop and support a community of educators who can enhance their contributions to the field through telecommunications.

Explore options for more effective communication and information flow among various participants in the field of education, including policy makers, researchers, college and university faculties of Education, pre-service teachers and teachers active in the field.

Disseminate information about effective and cost-efficient ways to use new information technologies.

Create, implement, and disseminate information about model curriculum projects which take advantage of electronic networking.

Foster cooperation between schools, businesses, associations, and other entities in the public and private sectors to maximize the exchange of ideas about the development and application of technology to education at all levels.

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